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Procedure of Arya Samaj Mandir or Marriage

Welcome the Groom :-

Bride Parents Family & Friends greet them with Akshat (A kind of rice), Tilak (A dot on the forehead), Aarti (A plate carrying a light lamp). Nine Women led by the bride’s mother take the aarti in unison to welcome groom, his family and friends amidst the auspicious blowing of the conch. The groom is led to the wedding venue accompanied by music and much fanfare. These all Procedure will be done in Arya Samaj Mandir in Delhi.

Bridal Entry :-

The Bride Accompanied by sisters & friends Comes to the wedding venue with lamps and flowers signifying her auspicious entry in a departure from the usual custom where the bride is led to the mandap by her sisters and friends. The bride’s aunts take the aarti for bride to ward of negative energies and welcome her to the wedding altar.

Exchange of Garlands :-

Bride & Groom Exchange floral Garlands, signifying their acceptance of one another and desire to be bound by the sacrament of marriage. A garland is a perfect circle with no end or beginning, thus signifying the perpetuity and continuity of the relationship of marriage.

Welcome Ceremony :-

The bridal couple is escorted to the Mandap by both parents. At the mandap the groom is offered a seat and water for the purification rite before the ritual. A mixture of honey curd and clarified butter considered to be auspicious is offered to him.

When You Find Someone to Spend the Rest of Your Life together, You want the rest of your life to begin fast.

The Beginning of Bride and Groom rest of their lives.

Indian Wedding Traditions are rich in rituals loaded with philosophical spirituals significance. But often rituals stagnate as just actions, devoid of rich symbolism and nuances.

This is an attempt to understand once again the significance of the Vedic marriage rites. Hinduism  Perhaps one the oldest religion continuing in the world, has as its core the Vedas, the spiritual scriptures estimated to date back to 3000 B.C. Many of Its Traditions have lasted for eons. With origins lost in the time.

A Hindu Wedding considered as a Sacrament, Celebrated the coming together of not just two people but two of families.

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