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What is Arya Samaj Mandir and how is marriage done.
Arya Samaj is a place where all the gods and goddesses reside. And no one can deny the marriage of feet here. Because of marriage, a lot of things have to be done. You do not have to do anything to get married in the Arya Samaj temple, you just have to bring your document with you. In Arya Samaj Mandir, marriage is performed with full Hindu customs. Our temple is very much in Delhi and if you are searching for Arya Samaj Mandir in Delhi then we have the best option for marriage.
Procedure of Marriage in Arya Samaj Mandir

To get married to Arya Samaj Marriage, both should have a birth certificate and an Aadhar card. The bride should be 18 years old and the bride 21 years ahead. Two witnesses should be with you for marriage. To get the Arya Samaj certificate, if both the Bride and Groom are Hindu then it is registered under Hindu rule. The certificate issued by the Marriage Registrar is valid.
There are all kinds of rituals and seven rounds of fire in the Arya Samaj Marriage in Delhi. For Details Call us on 8826729389

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