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9 Scared Rituals of Arya Samaj Mandir

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati found the world-known Arya Samaj in 1875 in Bombay, India. The main purpose of formation of Arya Samaj taking the Hindu Dharma away from all its ambiguities and go back to the teachings of Vedas. The teachings of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati is based on the basic principle of the eternal truths given in the Vedas. It has one single aim, and that is of “Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam” – Make this world noble.

Arya Samaj Mandir in Jaipur has this unique feature of having anyone from any religion getting married in its rites. The ceremonies prior to and after the wedding may vary with the religions of the bride and the groom. The actual Arya samaj marriage ceremony is simple with a series of prayers and Havan.

Marriage Rituals:
1. Varmala ki kriya – In this ceremony, the bride and the groom exchanging flower garlands as per the Hindu custom and to demonstrate the public acceptance of each other.

2. Swagat Vidhi – Swagat Vidhi, as the name suggests, encompasses the welcome ritual. In this, the groom is offered sacred water by his bride to wash his feet. Hindu marriage sees the groom in the image of God.

3. Madhu park se Satkaar- Madhu park se Satkaar is a part of the aforesaid ritual. In this ritual, the bride is offered a mixture of curd, gee, and honey to the groom. Curd, ghee, and honey are all considered to be good for one’s health. Besides, they are also believed to be auspicious and impart good effects to whatsoever associated with them.

4. Thread Ceremony – This is very common ritual among Hindus. Thread ritual is a rite where the groom is made to wear a sacred thread. It is the initiation ceremony of a boy from one of the top three varnas into the first of the further stages of life of the twice-born Hindu.

5. Godan – It is another very common ritual where a calf is given away to a Brahmin. This is regarded as gaining great return for your deed. Godan is one of the most sacred rites of the Hindus.

6. Vivah Havana – Fire sacrifice or yajana is performed by the priest as per the Arya Samaj rules. It is a must in the Hindu marriages. The fire lit in yagna is, in actuality, the Agni God who, as a god and matter, is meant to purify the couple and be a witness to the sacred ceremony of marriage.

7. Pratigya Mantra – Pratigya Mantra is a ritual solemnizing the marriage. The groom makes six marital vows holding his wife’s hands in order to make the marriage strong and sacred.

8. Parikarma – The couple takes four rounds of the fire, one for every four ashrams in the Vedic age. Rounds around the fire are also a fundamental part of wedding ceremony of Hindus. In fact, it is the most important ritual after sindoor or mangalsutra.

9. Sindoor Daan – Arya Samaj Mandir also include the sindoor daan ritual. In this ritual, the groom applies sindoor or vermillion on the wife’s hair parting by her husband.

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